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Social Media


What Does Social Media Mean?

For businesses, social media has created a way to send a brand’s messaging to the right people at the right time and hope your brand sticks out to them enough to be interested, let alone loyal throughout their lives. Customers can now communicate real feedback in real time like never before, something businesses have strived to achieve for a long time.

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Pricing and Plan

1 monthly fee for all Social Media services. No costly surprises


Designed for businesses with basic branding requirements
199€ /month
  • Services include:
  • Social Media Strategy
  • 30 Hashtag Research
  • Profile Creation & Setting
  • 5 Banner Design


Designed for businesses looking to eliminate costly fix branding services
299€ /month
  • All SocialMediaBasic services plus include:
  • SocialMediaBasic
  • Content Writting
  • 10 Banner Design
  • 5 Banner Holiday
  • Schedule Posting


A fully comprehensive plan for any business size or needs.
399€ /month
  • All DigitalMarketingPlus services plus include:
  • DigitalMarketingPlus
  • 15 Banner Design
  • 5 Banner Holiday or Hype
  • 4 Video Animation